Thank you, Jimmy Moore!

Thank you, Jimmy Moore!

Jeff. Couldn't wait to get home so I figured I would test it out in the FedEx parking lot. Works amazing. Couldn't be happier with this. Thanks a million!

-Jimmy Moore

I can’t say enough good things about this shower or the company. I have had my shower for a couple years and honestly couldn’t do without it. I live in a dry cabin and this is my only shower. I take it when I travel. It has power and is built so sturdy and reliable. I have used it for many things other than just showers. I had to replace the handle due to losing my heat and the cabin froze and there was a small leak, so I emailed the company.

They immediately sent a replacement at no charge, Zero. No questions, no shipping charges and I had a replacement in 2 days. They are the best company I have ever dealt with and the product is superior! I have had several other showers before I found this one, but I have found the best of the best in this one. I highly recommend it Hands Down The BEST.

-Very Satisfied Customer

Dear Jeffrey:

Big Kahuna again ready for any hurricane and you know the hurricane Irma past very closest for the north of Puerto Rico. WE have No power for months. God help us to avoid the bad wind and we feel Tropical storm winds only. Anyway, we have already sold all the Big Kahunas and I have 3 full with water for any emergency situation for us. These are worth Gold!! Gold….Everyone should own one of these. You never know when you have no water or power.

I hope to God to help Florida stop Irma [and] send it to open sea.

Thanks A Bunch

Luis Olivieri
Big Kahuna Distributor, Puerto Rico

I just wanted to thank you for sending the Big Kahuna to me so fast.  It has been a life saver since this damn Hurricane hit us.  We are without power, internet, water, fuel and our driveway is flooded and we have to wade through it to go anywhere.  It’s a long driveway, too! I am so grateful to have the Big Kahuna.  Thank you infinity!!