Nearly 8,000 Units Sold, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction?!

How can we say that?

It’s really quite simple. When you define a return as an unsatisfied customer due to an issue with the product quality or defect, we have never had that. Every one of the Big Kahuna Portable Shower’s is sold with a limited lifetime warranty, covering defective parts. As much as we care about our products, we expect that our customers do to. We can’t cover units that have broken due to abuse or that have not been used properly.

We handle all of our customer service directly, so that if something does go wrong, we handle it. At the customer’s request, we have either sent our replacement parts or repaired the shower ourselves. In every case so far, our customers want to fix and keep their Big Kahuna Portable Shower.

Recently, we were asked about this. No returns? And one person even said, “Oh they’ll come.” Our attitude and montra if you will, is simple:

  1. We care about the quality of our product and are not sacrificing that to please the bottom line for other folks.
  2. We care about our customers and we’ll provide them with whatever fair level of service that they ask for — like repairs, replacement parts, and yes – even returns! (We aren’t scared of returns, we are just proud of a LOT of good, hard work).
  3. We care about our brand. Ya, it’s personal to us. Years of hard work have brought us from making this in our garage in San Diego for a few friends part time, to making Big Kahuna Portable Showers full-time as orders came in, to now being able to ship palettes across the globe to customers in places like Qatar where they are used to wash Arabian Horses, in Australia where they are used on overland adventures, in Los Angeles at the VA Medical Hospital as part of their disaster preparedness, and even for home-health care for skin cancer patients who have to be washed with specialized water, just to name a few.

When we started out, we did not know how creative our customers would be with our Big Kahuna Portable Showers. We’ve learned a lot from them and appreciate them for it.

If you’re looking for a Big Kahuna Portable Shower for yourself, buy one directly through our website (they ship very quickly), or check out where you can order one at your local shops. If they aren’t on the shelf, ask for them.