Big Kahuna Portable Shower Desert Tested

Last year, we built a one of our large, Big Kahuna Portable Showers for use out on the Bonneville Salt Flats during their international time trials event. This year was the Big K’s second year out with the Big Kahuna. Our friends requested one of our showers with an extra long shower hose, to help in rinsing off cars and equipment during their stay of more than a week’s time. From what we hear, their booth at the event was one of the most popular on-site, and the Big Kahuna Portable Shower performed very well.

We also recently sold three Big Kahuna showers for a customer who went to Burning Man, out in the hot Nevada desert. This year, well over 60,000 people attended and created their own inspired, temporary settlement of creativity. This is what we’ve heard from our grateful customer, about his desert test:

I used 3 Big Kahunas at a festival called burning man in the middle of the Nevada desert. We ran all three units for a week straight with no problems even though the pumps were always running. Burning man is an incredibly harsh place with alkaline dust that destroys everything but the big Kahunas help up with no problems and provided showers for 50 people. I also noticed the thoughtful design including things like good handles for the tank, a way to wrap the cables for easy storage and high quality components. Definitely would recommend.


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